Ep. 22 Literally Pretty Wild w/ Dan Levy


In this episode, I’m joined by Dan Levy to discuss my experience with reality TV. Dan is a comedian, writer, and producer who helped create Pretty Wild. He was just ballsy enough to take on the project, and to work with a family as crazy as mine! Dan and I talk all about Pretty Wild behind-the-scenes, what he thought of the show and working with us, and what Dan is creating in the present day. A lot has changed in both of our lives since filming, so it was cool to share how much we’ve changed. Living as a happy, sober person is a side Dan never saw from me, and I’m grateful we got to talk about it. Dan is also an incredibly funny and talented guy, so I know you all will enjoy hearing from him.

I was definitely living a double life while filming Pretty Wild.

On camera, Tess and I were just these little party girls, but in reality, we had debilitating addictions. We were a chaotic bunch, but that’s what made the show a pop culture phenomenon. I’m now so far removed from that Alexis, and truly believe going to jail was the best thing that ever happened to me.

episode highlights:

  • Dan’s career prior to Pretty Wild

  • The difference between working on sitcoms and reality TV

  • Tess and I: then vs. now

  • How Bustle named me “most meme-able person of all time”

  • Dan’s time producing on The Goldbergs

  • Dan’s new show called Indebted, coming to NBC around Christmas time

So sure, my life may not be reality TV-worthy anymore, but it’s crazy and exciting in new and special ways. Just a little less wild.

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Where to find Dan’s work:

IMDb: Dan Levy

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