Ep. 27 Bridging the Cultural Divide w/ Triana Browne

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In this week’s episode, I hop on a call with Triana Browne!  Triana competes in pageant circuits, and was crowned Miss Oklahoma 2017, Miss America 2018, and Miss USA runner up.  She is also a college graduate with a degree in Human Development and Family Sciences, and a Division 1 athlete.  Seriously, what can’t this girl do!  

I chat with Triana about being multiracial and embracing her race despite adversity in society, school, and the pageant industry.   Triana is half African American and half Native American, and is devoted to giving Native Americans the recognition they deserve. She speaks up for Native rights and gives her people the support they deserve.  

Unfortunately, society still associates nationality with race, which breeds racism we still see today.  But hey, we live in a multicultural nation, and we need to embrace that! Ignorance and lack of understanding creates this racial divide.  Education is our only hope for understanding and embracing our diversity. And this education starts at home.

The Native American people have especially been forgotten in our modern world.  They live in extreme poverty, and are filled with unaddressed physical and mental health issues.  It’s no wonder why they’re oppressed and suffering…they are still fighting to have rights to their own land!  

This is why Triana speaks up from her platform.  She believes education, Native land rights, and equal opportunities will greatly improve Native Americans’ lives.  What was once a source of confusion and depression for Triana, is now a source of pride. She is proud to be Native, and I admire her greatly for her growth.   

There is beauty in being multicultural and multiracial, and Triana perfectly displays that with not only her physical beauty, but with her voice and her heart.  

Episode Highlights: 

  • Triana’s story discovering she was Native American

  • “The 13th” documentary

  • Native American stereotypes, addiction, and healthcare

  • Education

  • How to become better allies

Being an ally means being comfortable with having uncomfortable conversations.  Don’t expect change if you aren’t willing to talk. You never know, you may awaken something in someone, or even awaken the masses.  It’s not until we open our minds that something will change.  


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