Repairing Your Marriage with Adam and Danielle From Marriage and Martinis


In this episode I sat down with Danielle and Adam of the Marriage and Martinis podcast.  I wanted to have them on because marriage can often be messy, with lots of highs and lows, and people are rarely talking about it.  However, these two are so authentic and real about their experience. It’s truly refreshing to hear! I hope you guys enjoy our dialogue about marriage, mental illness, loss, and much more.  

We dive into Danielle’s experience with OCD and anxiety, Adam’s grief and loss of his father, and how both affected their relationship.  We also discuss the vulnerability and positive connection their podcast created for them, and how it helped rebuild their marriage.  

What I really admire about Danielle and Adam’s marriage is their ability to overcome hardship.  Despite a lack of understanding of each other’s issues, they continued to stand by and support one another.  Sticking around is the harder choice, but it is the most fulfilling in the end. Three children and 17 years of marriage later, they are so grateful they worked things out.  

I relate so much to Danielle’s experience with mental health, and having a partner who understands.  Thank God for Evan and for all the work we’ve done together! We continue to learn and grow every day.    

Episode Highlights: 

  • Danielle’s mental health journey

  • Adam’s struggle with loss

  • SSRIs vs. TMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation) for mental illness treatment

  • Addiction and escapism

  • The importance of vulnerability and connection

  • Restoring and reconnecting in marriage

  • How children are affected by family trauma

No matter what we’ve gone through, we all agreed we wouldn’t change a thing.  When you live a lifetime with someone, you have to acknowledge that mistakes will be made.  It is how we handle those mistakes and work on ourselves that truly matters.  

Life moves so fast and can truly be a lot.  Remember that we are only human. All we can do is actively try to get better all the time.  Day by day.  


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