Ep. 37 Let's Talk About Sex w/ Jamie Elizabeth the Holistic Sex Coach


Joining me for this week’s episode is the lovely Jamie Elizabeth!  Jamie is a holistic sex and intimacy coach. She helps people in all areas of communication that are intimate and sensitive, so people can be fully met and seen.  In her sessions with clients, she helps people discover what they really want out of their sex lives, and owning their sexuality.  

To be honest, I truly didn’t start enjoying sex until my mid-20s.  That’s because I didn’t know what I wanted out of the experience, and wasn’t in touch with my desires.  I’ve talked to many friends who fake orgasms in the bedroom, simply because they feel they “should”. We also get pressure from the media to be these sexy bedroom rockstars, which is so unrealistic.  

So, in order to start being better lovers, we must prioritize our pleasure over our performance.  Follow the natural flow of what feels good. This message is for both men and women.  We are responsible for our own pleasure, and we can start by having open dialogue like this. 

Jamie gives us some great tips this episode, from scheduling conversations about sex, sex dates, skin time, and drop-ins.  She also gives us three approaches to have these uncomfortable conversations, through vulnerability, responsibility, and curiosity.  

The current signal the media is sending is that we aren’t enough.  Our bodies aren’t enough, and our sex lives aren’t enough. It takes a lot of de-programming to escape this sex paradigm.  But with open hearts, and quality connection with our lovers, we can start to fully enjoy ourselves.  

We are moving into an age where we’re talking about sex and equality for all.  I am so happy to see this shift, and really believe we become better humans for it.  

Episode Highlights: 

  • Creating adult erotic education

  • Sexual owners’ manuals

  • How masturbation is normal

  • Imprint of sexuality from family origin, the media, or religion 

  • Children’s books: It’s Not The Stork and I Said No

  • Knowing your boundaries and finding your yes

When it comes to sex, it’s quality over quantity.  It’s the connection that counts.


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